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Rave was created by Greta, Ryan and Justin, who met at an electronic dance music concert in Atlanta. They bonded over their mutual love for EDM and creativity. While searching for ways to combine their expertise in a commercial endeavor they found an affection for 3D printing and jewelry.

Due to a personal situation for one of the owners Rave jewelry has not yet been introduced to the EDM audience.


They asked for a colorful and modern looking visual identity. With a unique icon that would look good on a flag on a festival.

In color the logo stands out on a black or white background. In white it can be used on colorful backgrounds and pictures.

The icon was created by combining 3 elements; the number 3 because of the number of founders and the 3D aspect, the rings of a chain for the jewelry component and a 3D cube. The result is a recognizable, unique and strong icon. Easily used for a multitude of facets. From a flag on an festival, a stamp on the packaging or a 3D charm.


"We initially reached out to Joram because his portfolio caught our attention. We were a bit skeptical working with a designer outside of the States, but our consultation with him really set him apart from the other designers we talked to. It was immediately clear that Joram has a passion for design, and he had the experience to back it. Going with our instinct and choosing Joram was one of the best decisions we made - he went above and beyond our expectations and brought our vision to life. Everyone on our team has Joram in mind for future business ventures, and we hope we'll be able to work with him again."

~ Justin Hromalik. COO of Rave Jewelry, LLC

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