Electric mobile cargo solutions


For this project I worked with an intermediary. My preference will always be to work directly with the client, as communication is key. I decided to make an exception, as the project was just too fascinating to pass up. Blits (at the time known as 'van Blitterswijk') is a company that provides electrical mobile cargo solutions with clients like online supermarket 'Picnic' and multiple municipalities in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately the intermediary and client were unable to move forward together, which means the work will not be used. I wanted to include it in my portfolio nonetheless. Because the result is a professional rebranding for a bigger company, ready for the future.


The usp was clear: electrical mobile cargo solutions. A lot of information to convey in a visual that should be easily recognized and remembered; the difficulty lay in overcomplicating the logo. Through research and brainstorming all the elements were combined in one minimalistic icon, as clear as the usp.


The name Blits was provided by the intermediary, they also provided me with a very detailed brief.

Imposed requirements for the logo:
• modern, nothing retro or futuristic
• still usable in 25 years
• 3D usage
• possibility to implement 4 subcategories
• For use on a car grill and the center of a wheel
• scalable
• trademarkable
• easily formed into a visual identity
• vertical and horizontal execution 

Below you see some examples of how the visual identity would be implemented, which includes an extensive brand guide showing how the logo and visual identity should be used to get the best result.


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