Electrical muscular stimulation fitness


EMS fitness utilizes low and mid frequency electric currents to increase the body’s natural muscle contractions. It can be used while working out in any form, as an extra stimulation.

Tekgul Agir founded Embodies and also works as one of the personal trainers. Currently from her studio in Bloemendaal, the Netherlands.


Tekgul came to me with a business plan, looking for a name, logo and visual identity.

The 'Em' is short for 'electrical muscle', the complete name would be electrical muscle bodies. The word Embodies stands for 'giving shape to', 'personify' and 'realize'. All phrases that identify with Tekgul's fitness concept.

To find something unique seemed almost impossible, as almost everything related to fitness or electrical has been used in abundance. Through extensive research and some EMS fitness classes the result for this project is: A minimalistic icon, based on the shape of a muscle, a weights set and the vibration of an electrical current.

Visual identity:
Tekgul expressed a preference for the colour blue, I chose two shades to express a professional and playful side. That gave me 3 options for the visual identity: playful blue, professional blue and a gradient of the two combined. With stylistic black and white photography and a simple slightly skewed shape to show movement, Embodies acquired its recognizable appearance.

When I started my own fitness studio I needed a company name and visual identity. ‘The best’ of course. After weeks of brainstorming and asking friends I found Joram.

Using his questionaire he found out what kind of company I wanted to build, what my vision, mission statement and uniqueness would be. He came back to me with a variaty of names. he created three logos with the chosen name (EmBodies), one even more beautiful than the other!

Joram is a creative spirit who can look at your project from at least five different angles. If you want your business attractive and clearly presented, you have a good one in Joram."

~ Tekgül Agir / EmBodies

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