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Aluna was started in 2016 by Ramona. She studied water massage treatments on Aruba. In addition she has a background in yoga and she worked as a personal coach.

She established a balanced welness center based in the Netherlands with retreats on Aruba in the winter.


Most important to Ramona was to find a natural feel while maintaining a professional look. For the website and advertisment the photography plays an important role. The main logo + icon is in blue. The white version is simple and elegant with a blue background, strong and visual on company related photography.

With the background of water massage in mind the icon was created in a unique way. After over 75 different paintings with Chinese brush, ink and paper, the best 10 were presented to Ramona and this was the one she selected. It represents the movement of two hands going through water, in a technique used with water massage. The shape was vectorized so it can be used in any size.


“As a designer, Joram masters the art of capturing your ideas and desires into an attention generating visual. He is thorough in his research to understand your personality, your company and its related sector, yet clean and concise in his designs. Every option and suggestion are communicated with a related storyline, in order for you to understand it’s creative origins and support you in your decision making process. I appreciate the various times Joram sat down with me to discuss his progress, as the final products feel like the result of a well-balanced collaboration.”

~ Ramona / Aluna

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