Do you find yourself in one or more of the following situations?

  • You are an entrepreneur with plans for a new company, and you need a visual identity that will impress investors and is irresistible for customers.
  • Your company is already successful but the visual identity no longer fits the company you have worked so hard on, and the plans you have for the future.
  • You see other companies with beautifully fitting visual identities, and you are jealous. You want something similar or better.
  • You have already tried to work with other agencies or designers, but it was a difficult process with a mediocre result.

Then we should create something amazing together!
My specialty is creating a professional identity that will fit your company / target audience now and in the future. This is my work process:


Proposition / Information / Concept / Proposal / Refinement / Done!

When you agree with my quotation we will determine the timeline of the project together. afterwards I will send you an invoice for the standard 50% deposit.

Research is the most important step in my design process; I can’t design a logo or the look and feel of your corporate identity without information. I have created a questionnaire to help you specify the unique attributes of your business. I am interested in your goals and objectives, your company’s capabilities and values, who your target market is and where you want to take your company in the future.

My favourite! I will create several creative options for you, well substantiated and smart solutions that are a great fit with the parameters we have established in the information phase of the process.

You will recieve multipe designs in the form of a small presentation, every design comes with examples of how it would look in the real world. While working on a logo I always consider the possibilities for the complete corporate identity. This way your business cards, letterhead, website, app, etc. will share the same look and feel while extending the direction decided in the information phase.

Together we will discuss what needs to be done to perfect the design you decided on. the price we agreed upon in this quote comes with a pre-agreed number of correction rounds, for extra work I charge my usual €70,- hourly rate.

When you have approved the design I will create a folder with all the necessary files and deliver them to you. You will recieve my second invoice for the remaining 50% and I will make time for any follow up questions or extra work.


two logo proposals, three correction rounds, color palet, logo folder including social media profile images, mini style guide, a clear starting point for the rest of your visual identity and a bonus logo animation

Corporate identity 
business cards, letterhead, compliment cards, envelope.

Corporate identity extended package
corporate identity + signage, folder, flyers, brochure, menu and other print material.

Brand style guide
logo usage rules, extended colour palette, photography guidelines, typography recommendations, and multiple examples of the brand elements correctly used in various applications.*

Social media package
Profile backgrounds and headers for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, etc..
+ strategy

Website design
• WordPress; simple, effective and relatively cheap.
• Personalized; original and exactly what you want. Always in cooperation with a developer. 

App design
Yes please! Also in cooperation with a developer.


The brand is the all-encompassing term for how people view your business: products, marketing, customer service, social media, articles, the smell of your store. And of course your logo, business cards and website. It is how the world experiences your business.

This can be positively influenced by a well-considered visualization of your identity.

Also called brand- or corporate identity.

The identity includes all visual elements of a brand:
Logo, color use, fonts, business cards, social media, e-mail, stationery, websites, apps, and so on.

The identity is used to help any outgoing communication.

The word logo is an abbreviation of logotype, from the Greek: logos “word” and typos “imprint”. It’s the visual recognition of your company.

The prices that designers ask for a logo vary quite extremely, you could have a logo made from €75 up to €2500. Both extremes are, in my opinion, equally ridiculous for a starting company. A lot of people can create a good looking image, but a logo is more than a fancy illustration and a picture on your website. A logo is the core of your business, compressed in a single image.

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