IPSUM specializes in logo & identity design,
working worldwide from Amsterdam.

All our branding projects are met with creative vision and strategic thinking.
We make sure every visual identity is memorable, minimalistic,
interesting, unique, recognizable, progressive, balanced, outstanding, familiar,
timeless and aestheticly pleasing.



With the help of extensive research and years of experience we can visualize the company’s identity in a single image, a logo that fits perfectly and is able to grow with your company.

Visual identities

Using the thought behind the logo we expand on that design and create a visual identity that compliments your company.

Web design

We create customer friendly digital surroundings where your product or service will spark the interest of potential clients, within the established visual identity. IPSUM works together with talented web developers for the best result.


With the established visual identity we create business cards, envelopes and letterheads with the look and feel of your company. We can also help you find the best printer for the job.

Social media design

Another major communication outlet in need of one clear voice, we can create profile pictures, banners and post-layouts to ensure your identity is visible.

Logo animations

An interesting way to expand on the concept behind the logo, using the movement in the design to show more of your company, great for social media posts or an email signature!

Email signature

Professional html email signatures to leave a lasting impression.


Another important extension of the visual identity, one we love to tackle.


Making sure potential clients will find your company, including creative light solutions.

3D icons

With the way our logos are designed it’s possible to turn the logomark (or other icons) in a 3d object.

Work apparel

To unify a motivated workforce, with every employee part of your communication.

App design

We prefer mobile friendly web design as it is a lot less expensive and often provides everything your company needs. If an app fits better we can provide the design and find the right partners to create an amazing app.


A set of guidelines that helps you maintain the visual identity as created by our experts.

Print materials

Brochures, book layouts, flyers, adds, posters, etc. Every design in the established visual identity. We can also help you find the best printer for the job.

Concept development

When the visual identity is done you might want to start advertising, we have the creative expertise to start you of with a great campaign.


Keeping data and information interesting with clever illustrations and smooth animations.

Company naming

Just like the logo a company name needs to be memorable, minimalistic, interesting, unique, recognizable, progressive, balanced, outstanding, familiar and timeless. This seems like an impossible combination but it is possible. Contact us if you would like to know more.


A short and fitting descriptions of your company, basically the visual identity in words.


We can help visualize the identity of your company.
Take a look at our projects and schedule a free consult,
or send us a message.

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